8 Step Process

Our simple 8 step process ensures we deliver exceptional service to all our clients.

Step One: Recording Client Details
Our team will come to understand your current financial position, comfortable level of risk / risk profile and your financial goals.
Step Two: Personalised Strategy Session

This one on one strategy session will allow us to analyse your current situation to get a better understanding of your financial status, level of risk comfort, your investing goals and desired outcome through investing in property. We will teach you our investing strategy so you can come to understand how we can build your wealth through property investing.

Step Three: Securing Finance

Our finance team will help you secure and structure your loans to best suit your financial situation. Based on your financial status, we will then design and implement an investment strategy for you which promotes maximal exposure to the property market, with an emphasis on diversification mixing capital growth and cash flow. This tailored strategy will allow you to accumulate properties and build your property portfolio safely and at a maximum speed and efficiency.

Step Four: Selecting an Area / Property

Our team devotes countless hours of continual research to identify which property markets have optimal potential for growth. We narrow down areas to specific suburbs using key research and checklists to ensure we choose areas with all the necessary growth drivers. Our professional buyer’s agent team is constantly present in these areas looking for the best properties at or below market value. We have good business relationships with agents in these areas which allow us to access properties before they are available to the general public.

Step Five: Negotiation

Through our research, analysis of previous sales and other sales data, we are able to conduct a valuation of each property before we negotiate on the property price. Based on our data and the property itself, we use this information to negotiate the best price possible for you and ensure we don’t overpay for the property.

Step Six: Pest and Building

Our qualified inspectors are among the best in the industry. Our inspectors conduct a thorough pest & building condition report on the property. On the completion, you will be emailed a report that details the properties condition in fine detail. This report enables you to determine if the property is structurally sound and in an appropriate condition to then proceed with the buying process. When minor faults are apparent which do not prevent you from purchasing the property, we will negotiate based on these faults to achieve a reduced and appropriate purchase price.

Step Seven: Conveyancing

We will put you in touch with highly professional, qualified solicitors and conveyancers to ensure a smooth transfer of your newly purchased property.

Step Eight: Property Management

We will put you in touch with the best property managers in the area to lease your property. We have interviewed multiple property managers in each area to ensure that they meet our strict selection process in order to represent us. Your new property manager will be able to carefully select a suitable tenant for your new purchase and ensure you receive the best return on your investment.

Free First Consultation

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