What is a buyers agent?

Buyers agents are real estate professionals who scope out and evaluate properties on behalf of a buyer (i.e. a purchaser) who is their client. Unlike real estate agents who represent the seller, as buyers agents we represent your interests – that of the purchaser.

We are licensed professionals with specialised training that specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on your behalf.buyers agent

What does a buyers agent do?

We work to understand your needs, and help find the right property for your investment strategy. We then present you with a shortlist based on our extensive real estate market experience.

Firstly, we have a chat and work with you to find out exactly what type of property you’re looking for – including size, location, and proximity to schools, green space etc. We can offer you advice as to the desirability of certain areas, especially valuable if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

For investors – we will discuss your goals and investment strategy, and offer a shortlist based on capital growth, rental yield, or other factors important to your strategy.

Once a clear target is reached – we can leverage our contacts, knowledge and research to advise you when a suitable property becomes available.

Overall buyers agents help you make informed investment decisions and save you considerable time. We can offer offer expertise that clients rarely possess, given the average person only buys and sells property a couple of times in their lifetime.

Why use a buyers agent?

The average buyer is afraid of overpaying. There is a lot of emotion in property and the consequences of making a poor property investment decision can be significant. Buyers agents can provide the expertise that a buyer lacks. We continually monitor the market for the best growth opportunities and can help increase the chances of a buyer getting the right property, for the right price and avoiding a costly mistake.

In a hot market, properties may not even hit the market before they are sold. A good buyer’s agent has contacts and access to off market properties that can get you ahead of other buyers. We can get you access to these off-market properties, and it can be advantageous in situations where the right property may be harder to find.

Hunting for properties can be time consuming, stressful and emotional. Many buyers don’t have time to devote their weekends to auctions, open houses and travel. Having a buyers agent provide you with a clear, shortlisted selection of prequalified properties could save you endless hours. If you’re looking at property interstate or searching for the right investment, a buyers agent may be the only sensible option where travel isn’t possible.

Buyers agents take the emotion out of real estate and focus on the data. There are a number of tools available to buyers agents that are not available to the general public. Having access and an understanding of this data helps buyers agents guide your decision making.

This data comes in very handy when it comes time to negotiate. Buyers agents are experienced professional negotiators. Armed with the right data, and zero emotion, we can get you the right property for the right price. We understand exactly what a property is worth, so you don’t a) miss out or b) overpay for your property. The overall benefit you receive from a buyers agent will depend on the flexibility of the price – and how hard we can negotiate on your behalf.

How much does a Buyers Agent Cost

We would be happy to discuss a fee proposal with you. Fees are based on the services that you need. Contact us today to receive an estimate.

Unlike  a real estate agent who  is paid by the seller – a buyer’s agent is paid by the buyer because of the benefits they deliver specifically to them.

The cost of a buyers agent should be considered an investment. Whilst no one can guarantee how much you can save on the purchase price, our clients often save both on the initial purchase and also benefit from the advice longer term.

We can save clients a significant amount of time and money. Long term, our advice in regards to growth could mean significant gains when it comes time to sell. It could also prevent you from losing on a property investment in a negative growth area.

It also pays to keep in mind that you may be able to claim the cost of our professional services in the case of investment properties.

Can you afford not to benefit from our expertise as buyers agents?