Daniel Walsh

Founder, Buyers Agent

Daniel Walsh founded Your Property Your Wealth in 2015 after a successful personal journey through property investing.


Daniel began investing in property at the young age of 19 and has since built an impressive property portfolio worth $4M in just 7 years, more money than the average household would net worth over their 40-year working life.


Daniel’s passion for real estate & wealth creation led him to create a company based around helping client’s build wealth through property investing so that they can ultimately achieve financial freedom. Daniel’s aim is to create a community of the top 1% investors in Australia.


Some investors will tell you that rental yield is the most important consideration when buying an investment property, however Daniel has learnt otherwise. Daniel believes that in able to create a successful property portfolio you should develop a well-balanced & diversified portfolio mixed with capital growth & cash flow. Daniel now implements this strategy and through Your Property Your Wealth teaches his clients how it is possible to build a multi-million-dollar portfolio over a short period of time.


Over the years, Daniel has built a team of people around him who became the foundation to building a portfolio worth $4M dollars. Your Property Your Wealth and its expert team now come fully equipped to help clients build wealth, minimising risk & maximising results along the way.

The Team


Sophie Stewart

Operations Executive

Sophie is a highly skilled member of Your Property Your Wealth’s team with years of experience and a proven track record in real estate, business administration, leadership & management.

Sophie began her own investing journey purchasing her first investment property at the age of 19 and now continues to build her wealth a long side Daniel who now have 9 properties in their portfolio. When embarking on the purchasing process, Sophie is dedicated to providing clients with a superior level of customer service and will go above and beyond to ensure clients are at peace of mind.

Sophie prides herself on her friendly nature and most importantly understands the importance of good communication. Aside from work, Sophie enjoys summer spent at the beach and spending time with family.



Mortgage Broker

Mark is at the forefront of securing finance for clients and in particular investors.

He has been helping clients for over a decade to build property portfolios most would dream of. If there is a way he will find it.

Mark is also a very successful investor with a large property portfolio and is always happy to share his investment experiences with clients.

He has degrees in Maths and PE, qualifications in Finance and Property Investment, is a former teacher as well as a National Strength & Conditioning Coach, which he is still involved in part time. His passion besides Property and Finance is fitness and travel, and has completed 10 marathons.

Ridhwan - Accountant Team Photo



Ridhwan completed his Bachelor Commerce and Laws Macquarie University Sydney on partner scholarship awarded to him. Working in for Watson Business Accountants, National Australia Bank and Dixon Advisory has given him a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience.

Ridhwan experiences the best of both worlds, seeing the accounting and administrative side of Self Managed Super and then advising clients on how to invest their super money to achieve the financial goals. Dixon was a fantastic company and gave me great learning experience to understand what the best is for clients at any point in the lives.

In 2009 Ridhwan joined Hannan Accounting started by his father years before and has taken an active role in growing the firm into a full service firm with specialists in Super, Tax and property employed directly by the business. Ridhwan has a wide ranging level of experience and clients in all forms and stages of property investment.

Ridhwan himself owns several properties and is very well versed in the pains and joys of being an investor. Further understanding how Structure can benefit and hinder clients if recommended at the wrong phase of their journey it is important to get timely and relevant advice which Ridhwan prides himself on.