Who We Are

At Your Property Your Wealth our aim is to create a community of investors and help them create financial freedom through property investing.


We specialise in buying affordable properties all over Australia in high growth areas that are below or at market value. Through our proven investment strategies, we assist clients in building high-performance property portfolios that allow clients to retire with passive income.


Whether you are investing for the first time or a seasoned investor, we take the stress and time out of investing in property. We handle the whole buying process from purchasing the right property on or off-market all the way through to property management. We are committed to educating our clients during the process and offer ongoing mentoring to help keep our clients in line with their investing goals.


The key difference between our buyer’s agency and others is that we provide our clients with a personal experience and tailor a plan to suit each individual’s personal situation and goals.

As a full-service buyer’s agency we are committed to
  • Analysing each individual’s situation and tailoring an investment strategy to suit each person’s financial budget & investing goals.
  • Minimising risk through our low risk investment strategies.
  • Creating a well-balanced property portfolio to minimise risk & maximise results.
  • Replacing your salary with passive income so you can create financial freedom.
  • Providing clients with a life-time of mentoring and support.
How we help our clients
  • We guide & mentor client’s throughout the entire buying process!
  • From research, finance, negotiations, conveyancing, pest & building inspections, pre-settlement inspections & property management.
  • We have an extensive and established network of agents allowing us to sought out qualified properties for our clients on and off market.
  • We save our client’s money through our experience in negotiation skills.
  • Through our latest research and analysis, we are able to pin point the best areas ripe for capital growth.
  • We educate our client’s in property investing so they can become confident investors.
what we agree to do for you


A happy customer is a good customer!

We are dedicated to delivering our clients with a high-class property investing experience. We are confident that we can deliver our clients the results needed to build a successful property portfolio that leads clients to wealth creation.


We guarantee if we don't find you a property that meets all your investment criteria within 16 weeks of becoming a YPYW client, we will offer you a 100% money back guarantee of your fee